So far, so nothing.

Well, after some choice neglect of my brandy new blogs on Blogger and WordPress, both with the same title and same post, I am disappointed that I can’t find either in a Google search for the title.. too 1337. So, I am dropping the super weighted key phrase too 1337 now, hoping that after another short incubation period of inactivity, I can see some results and finally say for sure which blog gets better results.

On a side note, the word Blogger is of course fine in spell check, but WordPress is not. Umm… hello? WordPress are you serious?


I usually resist trendy technologies until it’s certain there is some staying power. Well, that point came a while ago for Word Press, so I might as well get jumping on the bandwagon. I plan to customize my template pretty heavily in coming months to see what it is capable of. Hopefully, the system is flexible enough that everyone can see some cool stuff… I also am going to simultaneously experiment with the Blogger system, and see how they measure up.

:: Ding :: “Git’ it on”

Hello world!

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